BlackcockAugust to December 10th
Wild DuckSeptember 1st to Jan 31st
Black GrouseAugust 20th to December 10th
Guinea FowlAvailable all year round.
HareSeptember to March 1st
LeveretYoung Hare - September to February
PartridgeSeptember to February 1st
PheasantOctober 1st to February 1st
PigeonAvailable all year round.
SnipeAugust 12th to January 31st
VenisonAug 1st - April 30th
WoodcockOctober 1st to January 31st
TealAugust 1st to March 1st
Red GrouseAugust 12th to December 10th
PtarmiganAugust 12th to December 10th
Golden Plover September 1st to January 31st
CootSeptember 1st to January 31st
MoorhenSeptember 1st to January 31st
RabbitNo closed season